Pictures I take.


1. Photos are free to download, print and keep for personal use.
2. If you were a competitor featured as one of the main subject in one of the photos, the images at the provided resolution are free to use for personal and promotional use (i.e. You don't need to ask me for permission; just go ahead and use it).
3. If you plan on using a photo for promotional and/or commercial use, you may need the permission of any other people identifiable in the image. It is your responsibility to acquire that permission.
4. Any commercial usage and/or any other use not listed requires written permission. Contact for details.
5. All images are provided at high enough quality to make a 4x6" print at 240ppi.
6. Contact me if you have any concerns with any of the photographs (
7. There is to be no hotlinking from this server.
8. All images Copyright 2007-2013 Justin Lee.